Simply head to the App Store or the Google Play Store and search for Australian Mutual Bank to download the app if you’re a first time user. You will need to be registered for Internet Banking before being able to use the mobile banking app. You will need to know your member number and internet banking password to register for the app.

The Australian Mutual Bank mobile app currently supports iOS 11 or later on Apple devices and Android 7.0 or later on Android devices.

No, the app is free to use and download, however, your standard mobile phone service and data charges will apply.

You can have up to 20 registrations. You can monitor this in the Mobile App via these steps:

  • Go to the Hamburger Menu (three lines in top left corner)
  • Tap on 'Settings'
  • Tap on 'Manage registered devices'

Once you reached a limit of 20, you will see an error advising of this. You will need to contact the Call Centre to clear this message.

Yes, you can activate your pending card via the ‘Cards’ tab.

  • You can ‘Lock Card’ if you want to temporarily stop your card e. g. if think you have misplaced it but don’t want to stop it completely. You can then unlock it if you find it.
  • You can order a replacement if your card is damaged.
  • You can stop your card if it is lost or stolen and replace your card.

Our app supports both Face ID (Currently iOS only) & Touch ID (Fingerprint). You’ll be prompted to enable biometrics when you first register to the app. We don’t advise using this feature if someone else's biometrics are saved on your device as they will be able to access your banking information. You can still use a Pin code or pattern if you prefer.

Below is the process to disable biometrics login through the app:

  • Hamburger Menu (three lines in top left corner) > Settings > Face ID/Biometrics Login
  • Ensure the toggle Face ID/Biometrics is disabled

Yes, you can view an existing PayID or set up a PayID by clicking on the ‘Pay’ tab at the bottom, then click ‘Manage PayIDs’

You can find 'Current year' and 'Previous year' Interest details via the Hamburger menu (three lines in top left corner). Tap 'Accounts'. Then tap 'Interest Details'.

Yes, you can update your address via the following steps.

  • Go to the Hamburger Menu (three lines in top left corner)
  • Tap 'My Details'
  • Tap 'Address details'
  • Tap 'Send SMS code', you will receive a text message with an SMS code that you need to type in.
  • Tap 'Continue'
  • Enter your updated address details in relevant fields. NOTE: You can update Postal address as well if it's not the same by toggling the 'Same as postal address' button.
  • Tap 'Update details'
  • Confirmation screen will appear.

Yes, you can do this via setting up 'Quick Balance' for one account. 'Quick balance' enables you to view your chosen account's balance at a glance without logging in.

  • Swipe left on the 'Welcome' screen
  • Tap the 'Set up' button on the 'Set up quick balance' screen
  • Select the account you want to be displayed.
  • Tap 'Save'

​You can change the account you want displayed or disable the 'Quick Balance' feature at any time.

Yes, you can do this via the following steps:

  • Tap on 'Inbox' (envelope icon) in the top right corner.
  • Tap 'New'. This will open a new secure email message.
  • Fill out all relevant fields
  • Tap 'Send'

Yes you can. Simply log into the Mobile App and do the following:

  • Tap on 'Inbox' (envelope icon) in the top right corner.
  • Tap 'New'. This will open a new secure message.
  • In the 'Subject' field, type. eg. 'Increase Limit'.
  • Tap on 'Select a Category' and select 'Limit increase'.
  • Tap on 'Relates to' box and select the account you wish to have the limit increase on.
  • In the 'Message' field, type limit instruction eg. 'Raise S1 to $25,000'.
  • Tap 'Send'.

Once sent, a customer service operator will contact you within 4 business hours of your request.

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