We are good citizens, actively supporting domestic and international social responsibility and serving as an ambassador for the mutual sector.

To the best of our abilities and resources, we contribute to the wellbeing of our communities and provide a helping hand to those who need it.

As part of Australian Mutual Bank’s commitment to social responsibility and in support of the ideals that the mutual industry was built upon, Australian Mutual Bank is very proud to have established and launched the Australian Mutuals Foundation (AMF) in 2016.

The AMF is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, and is a major partner of the charity for children, Barnardos.


The Australian Mutuals Foundation has three objectives:

  • To support Australian children and youth who are at risk of abuse or neglect, or who are disadvantaged in terms of housing, medical care or education (these activities are conducted through a partnership with Barnardos)
  • To provide a mechanism for members of cooperatives and mutuals, and the general public, to make donations to those affected by natural disasters.
  • To assist remote and disadvantaged communities in impoverished South East Asian and South Pacific countries to alleviate poverty through the creation of sustainable financial cooperatives (these activities are conducted through a partnership with the Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU). Globally, all mutuals have a social responsibility to assist with co-operative development in less developed countries. The AMF aggregates donations from twelve Australian mutuals who seek to assist with credit union development in some of Asia’s poorest countries, Laos and Timor Leste. Through a partnership with ACCU, there are local employees providing training and monitoring for developing credit cooperatives. The aim is to see the co-ops to develop to a stage where they can be self-sustaining.


The AMF now has twelve credit union, mutual bank and related supplier supporters. During 2019/20 Australian Mutual Bank donated $230,000 to the Australian Mutuals Foundation.


Australian Domestic Activities

Through Barnardos Australia, the AMF’s domestic activities will provide financial support for programs that assist children and youth who are at risk of abuse or neglect, or who are disadvantaged by lack of housing, medical care or education.

Barnardos is Australia’s leading child protection charity providing foster care and children’s family and youth services. Barnardos Australia believes that many children become abused and neglected when parents do not have the resources to raise children. They are often stressed by poverty, social isolation, mental illness, violence in families or drug and alcohol usage. Barnardos programs directly improve the lives of abused and neglected children.

Donating to Barnardos

From the 1 January 2017, the AMF has agreed to fund various Barnardos activities with $100,000 per year. This commitment would not be possible without the financial support from Australian Mutual Bank. The AMF is now one of the Major Partners of Barnardos Australia.


International Activities

The AMF’s international activities are intended to provide financial support to programs that encourage the growth of sustainable cooperative financial systems, using the cooperative credit union model, for developing countries in South East Asia and the South Pacific.


International Credit Union Development Programs

The credit union cooperative model aims to provide a structure for the provision of basic banking services, and education in the value of regular saving and the wise use of credit. The AMF plans to provide financial support to activities conducted by the Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU). ACCU represents credit unions/co-operatives and have over 30 million members.

International Credit Union Development Programs

International Credit Union Development Programs

Guide for Credit Unions on climate action

The AMF is pleased to support the Asian Confederation of Credit Unions in taking action on climate change initiatives. Climate change presents significant educational challenges in understanding its causes and consequences, and AMF has partnered with the ACCU to produce a guide for Credit Unions on climate action. The guide is a compilation of programs and projects that Credit Unions can undertake to counter the impact of climate change.

Click here to download the guide

For more information on the Australian Mutuals Foundation including how to donate, visit www.australianmf.org.au.

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