View our interest rates for our Transaction, Savings, and Term Deposit Accounts.

Transaction Account Rate p.a.
All balances 0.00% pa  
Savings Motivator Rate p.a.
Highest rate available (includes standard interest + bonus interest) 0.30% pa
Bonus Interest 0.29% pa
Standard Interest 0.01% pa
Pensioner Aware Account Rate p.a.
$0 - $1,999 0.01% pa
$2,000 - $49,200 0.05% pa
Portion above $49,200 0.15% pa
iNet Savings Account Rate p.a.
 $0 - $1,999 0.05% pa
 Portion above $1,999 0.10% pa
Young Saver Account Rate p.a.
$0 - $5,000 1.00% pa
$5,001 - $10,000 0.25% pa
Portion above $10,000 0.01% pa

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  • 1 Calculated daily on whole balance, paid monthly on the last day of the month. Bonus rate applies where the balance has been retained and at least one deposit of $1.00 or more has been made with no withdrawals during the month, otherwise the Standard Rate applies.
  • 2 Calculated daily on the portion of the balance which falls within each of the tiers and paid monthly on the last day of the month. To be eligible for this account you must be a pensioner or a self funded retiree.
  • 3 Maximum account balances for Young Saver accounts are capped at $10,000. A savings account available to members aged 12 to 17 years. Account is also available to members under 12 years of age, where the membership is held in the parents’ name in trust for the young member. Only one account per membership. Interest is calculated on the daily balance and paid monthly.