Yes. Please refer to our Fees & Charges and Transaction Limits brochure found here for maximum daily limits for BPAY transactions.

Internet Banking will attempt to debit the money five times. If sufficient funds are not available after the fifth attempt, the payment will not be made.

Payments made before 4.00pm (EST) on a business day will be forwarded on the same day. Payments made after this time will be forwarded on the next working day.

Please check your bill to ensure you have entered the number correctly. Ensure you have not entered any spaces between the numbers. If you still receive the message, please contact the payee and check the details.

BPAY payments can only be used to pay bills bearing the BPAY logo. Please check your bill to ensure the logo appears. Also, please check your bill to ensure you have entered the biller number correctly.

You can check that it has been processed from your account by viewing transaction details on your account. Details of your BPAY payments will appear along with any other transactions you have made.

This can happen if you did not click the 'Confirm' button on the BPAY - Confirmation screen. Cleared funds must be available in your nominated account for the payment to be made. If you have scheduled a payment to be made in the future, you must ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the payment on the day before the payment is due.

Click on the Future Payments button. All future dated payments are listed. You now have the option to view, modify or cancel a future dated payment.

No. If you no longer wish to make future-dated BPAY payments, you need to cancel any loaded payments before requesting cancellation of your online banking access.

  1. Click the Modify button to view or modify details of a future dated payment.
  2. Click the Delete button to delete, and therefore cancel a future dated payment.
  3. After you have deleted or modified the payment, click the Confirm button.

Starting from 1st of October 2024, our Contact Centre team will be able to process your existing BPAY payments for you. Simply call us on 13 61 91, and we will handle the rest. For new BPAY payments, we are still here to help. Just have a copy of the bill ready, and you can email or text it to us while we are on the phone together.

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