Your PIN

You will be issued with your own unique personal identification number (PIN) which is forwarded to you separately from your card. When you use your card at an ATM or EFTPOS terminal (and press 'savings') you will be required to enter your PIN. If you choose, you can also enter your PIN instead of signing when making a payment using the 'credit' facility.

It is very important that your PIN is memorised and not stored with your card or disclosed to anyone else for security.

Pin hints:

Your PIN should be between 4 and 12 digits long and contain numbers only.
• If you're travelling or residing overseas, remember that some ATMs abroad won't accept a PIN that's longer than 4 digits.
• Don't choose a PIN that can be easily guessed (e.g. your D.O.B). If you do, you may be liable for unauthorised transactions.

Card PIN security

You should follow the guidelines below to protect against unauthorised use of your card and PIN. These guidelines provide examples of security measures only and will not determine your liability for any losses resulting from unauthorised EFT Transactions. Liability for such transactions is contained within the conditions of use of the card outlined in the Australian Mutual Bank Ltd Account and Access Facility Terms and Conditions of Use.

Guidelines for ensuring the security of your card and PIN:

  • Keep your card in a safe place;
  • Never write your PIN on the card (even if it is disguised);
  • Never write your PIN on anything that is kept with or near the card (even if it is disguised);
  • Never lend your card to anybody;
  • Never tell or show your PIN to anybody;
  • Use care to prevent anyone seeing your PIN being entered at an ATM or EFTPOS terminal (we recommend using your hand or purse/wallet to cover your PIN when you enter it);
  • Immediately report the loss, theft or unauthorised use of your card to us;
  • Examine your statement immediately upon receiving it to identify and report, as soon as possible, any instances where your card has been used without your authority; and
  • Immediately notify us of any change of address.
  • Never disclose your Credit/Debit Card number or CVV number (on the back of the card) over the telephone unless you are sure that you are dealing with a legitimate organisation. If you receive an unsolicited call requesting these details, do not disclose these details.


If your card is lost or stolen, please contact us.

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