We are committed to your Security and Privacy

In 2018, as Endeavour Mutual Bank, we have been the first bank in Australia to adopt a verified and restricted .BANK domain with fTLD's mandatory security requirements, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of cyber-crime prevention. The ".bank" domain suffix requires a higher level of security than traditional ".com" banking domain suffixes. The move was initiated to protect the security of our members using the website by mitigating exposure to cyber threats for websites and email caused by spoofing, phishing and other malicious email-borne activities.

Australian Mutual Bank have employed a wide range of security measures to help protect your personal information and transactions. These measures include data encryption, firewalls, automatic timeouts Free SMS alerts and SMS One Time Password security technology. Therefore, when you do your banking online with Australian Mutual Bank, you can be assured that your banking is safeguarded and protected.

Australian Mutual Bank will never ask for your Password / Access Code or account details to be disclosed via a link within an email or text message.

If you receive an email or SMS of this nature, please disregard it and contact Australian Mutual Bank immediately. We take the protection and security of your information, transaction data and privacy very seriously.


The Australian Mutual Bank Guarantee

Furthermore, in the unlikely event that an unauthorised transaction does occur on your account, Australian Mutual Bank guarantees that you will not be liable for any unauthorised transaction carried out (provided you meet your obligations under our Account & Access Facility Conditions Of Use and ePayments Code (external website) and you haven't contributed to the loss).

It's all part of the Australian Mutual Bank commitment to its members.


Your Security, Everyone Plays a Part

Australian Mutual Bank takes the protection of your information and transaction data very seriously. But online security is a partnership between the bank (as the provider of online services to you) and you (the user of these services). As such, it's important that you do two things:

1) Keep Informed

Technology cannot automatically protect you against all fraud and security risks. A range of email and other online frauds have been attempted over the last few years; these scams will continue and you should be aware of them.

Things you can do to keep informed:

  • Understand the range of Online Security Practices and Online Communications Practices Australian Mutual Bank has adopted
  • Read the Australian Mutual Bank Online Security FAQs and Online Security Risks
  • See the list of Online Security Links for information on different types of scams and how you can better protect your personal information.


2) Improve Your Online Security

Equally, technological protection cannot protect you if you are careless with your personal information. You need to play your part in protecting your information responsibly and in accordance with the Australian Mutual Bank terms and conditions.

Why choose Australian Mutual Bank?

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