If you are still receiving paper statements and letters from us, you may want to consider switching to digital communications. All we need is your email address and your consent to switch the communication channel. Rather than waiting for paper statements to arrive in the mail, electronic statements will give you more convenient access to your statements at any time. Your statements are stored securely in Internet Banking and you have access up to 7 years of statements online.

  • More Secure - Lower your risk of identity theft by receiving your bank statements securely in your Internet Banking.
  • Clutter-free - Instead of having big piles of paper statements around your home, you can store the eStatements electronically.
  • Environmentally friendly - Paper-free statements save trees as well as the energy used to produce and deliver that mail to you.
  • Convenient - You can view your eStatements anywhere, anytime in your Internet Banking and you can save and print them if necessary.

Make the switch today by filling out our Online Statement Switch Form.

06 January 2022