At Australian Mutual Bank we are continuously working to make managing finances easier and more convenient for our members. This is why we are excited to announce the introduction of the self-service Daily Transaction Limits feature, giving you the option to raise your external standard transfer limit without the need for phone calls or branch visits.

With the launch of this feature you are now able to increase your daily external standard transfer limit up to $6,000*, using Internet Banking. This applies to all standard payments and transfers to non Australian Mutual Bank accounts.

Whether you're planning a dream vacation, making a significant purchase, or handling unexpected expenses, the self-service Daily Transaction Limits feature gives you the flexibility to manage your funds as situations arise.

To manage daily transaction limits on your account:

Step 1

After logging in to Australian Mutual Bank Internet Banking, go to ‘Settings’ on the top horizontal menu and click ‘Daily Transaction Limits’.

Step 2

On the ‘Daily Transaction Limits’ page you will view the transaction limits assigned to certain standard transaction types: BPAY, transfers between internal accounts, payments to external accounts, international transfers, and payments to PayID/NPP recipients. You can also view the daily spend associated with each of these transaction types as compared to the limits.
Read the information on this screen before you select a new daily limit from the drop-down. Check your remaining daily limit first.

Step 3

Select your desired option from the drop-down selection and click the Get SMS button at the bottom of the page.

Step 4

Enter your One Time Password and click on the Submit button.

Your new transfer limit will be updated immediately and you’ll also receive an email confirming your transaction limit has been updated.

Please note that increasing your daily transaction limits may increase your liability for unauthorised transactions. Your daily limit will remain at the increased amount until you change this. We recommend utilising this feature judiciously, reserving its use for situations where the enhanced limit genuinely serves your immediate needs.

If you would like to increase your external transfer daily limits above $6,000, you can do so by sending a Secure Message via the app or Internet Banking, or by visiting a branch. Members without the app or Internet Banking should get in touch on 13 61 91.

*NOTE: This excludes OSKO/NPP, BPAY and International Payments.

08 September 2023