Navigating the world of financial products can be confusing which is why the Australian Government has passed last year new laws designed to help people better understand what they are signing up for. The laws include a requirement for providers of financial products to produce a Target Market Determination (TMD) for each of their products. A TMD is a written document that describes who a product has been designed for and conditions on how the product can be distributed to customers. TMDs are part of a broad framework designed to ensure we take a customer-centric approach to the design and distribution of our products.

Do I need to read the TMD?

It is recommended that you read all the documents provided to you when considering a financial or credit product, including the TMD. When making a decision about a product always consider your needs and budget. Make sure you refer to the Terms and Conditions and any supplementary disclosure documents outlining the relevant terms and conditions provided under that product.

Where can I read the TMD?

Our TMDs can be accessed on our website by visiting the Disclosure and Reports section available under “About us” ( If you’re still not sure whether our products or services are right for you or you wish to enquire about other disclosures, please feel free to contact us.

07 July 2022