The Board & Trustees of The Karpaty Foundation have pleasure in announcing that at its recent meeting to review applications for grants submitted within the scope of the purpose for which the Foundation was established, applications for grants were considered.

We also take this opportunity to remind applicants for grants, that pursuant to the constitution the maximum amount for any one grant application can be no more than 20% of the income received in the previous (financial) year. Over the last few years, as interest rates have fallen and continue to decrease, the income earned from the Foundation’s investments have been dramatically reduced in any twelve-month period. This in turn reduces the value of the maximum that can be applied to any single application.

At its last meeting held on 5 April 2022, grants were allocated to one applicant for a specific project that had been outlined in the respective application. Further, it was deemed necessary that given the war in Ukraine, all scholarship funding for studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv and, at the Kyiv Mohylanka University in Kyiv shall be suspended until further notice. The Board will in the interim period focus on the needs of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and provide support deemed essential in these areas.

The successful applicants in this round were:

Ukrainian Council of New South Wales – for costs associated with the staging of “Ukifest” 2022;

Further to the allocation of this grant, the Directors of the Foundation discussed the need to provide direct support to Ukraine and to displaced persons coming to Australia from war ravaged Ukraine. An amount of $7,500 was allocated for this purpose which will be allocated accordingly through the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO) and the Ukrainian Council of NSW (UCNSW).

The Karpaty Foundation was established to build a fair, just, creative and caring society, particularly in relation to the Ukrainian community in Australia and in Ukraine by,

  • Enriching individual and civic life;
  • Improving the lives of people impoverished from social or cultural disadvantage;
  • Strengthening democratic values and participation;
  • Promoting creativity, innovation, tolerance, and the fulfilment of potential for the betterment and improvement of community values in society, with a focus on: Education & Scholarship; Arts & Humanity; Welfare & Wellbeing; Sustainability and Environment; Heritage & Society; Special Projects (such as Leadership in Society) as may be determined from time to time.

Should you wish to contact the Directors/Trustees, please send your email to:

About The Karpaty Foundation

The Karpaty Foundation was formed as a result of the Karpaty Ukrainian Credit Union and Australian Mutual Bank Ltd (formerly Sydney Credit Union Ltd) merger in January 2010 and exists for the benefit of community. The Karpaty Foundation provides grants and scholarships to individuals and organisations for the purpose of building a fair, just, creative and caring society - particularly in relation to the Ukrainian community in Australia and in Ukraine.


07 April 2022