Australian Mutual Bank is proud to support Ngurang-gu Yalbilinya by providing a series of financial literacy resources to empower the teenagers in their program. The resources are aimed at developing essential life skills to make good financial decisions. This includes learning how to budget and manage money, weighing up whether to save or spend, and deciding what to spend money on.

The Ngurang-gu Yalbilinya (Place of Learning) program is a full-time education program, led by the Orange Local Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Organisations, that combines mainstream educational needs with Aboriginal culture/connection programs, targeting young First Nations boys aged 12 to 16 years.

"Recently the NGY boys have been working on a unit relating to Financial Literacy and Numeracy. This involved looking at what we do as consumers and how we can protect ourselves; money management, including getting a job, budgeting and saving; and how to avoid financial pitfalls, such as compulsive buying and overspending. Reseach has shown that people with higher financial literacy can improve both their general and mental health well-being and outcomes.

A big thank you to Australian Mutual Bank for providing us with the valuable teaching and learning resources to facilitate this unit of work. #BuildingBetterFutures" - Ngurang-gu Yalbilinya Facebook Page

The program provides a positive learning environment where the educational needs of young Aboriginal boys are individually tailored, helping them connect to their identity, and Australian Mutual Bank is proud to support this initiative.

(Images courtesy of Ngurang-gu Yalbilinya)

01 September 2023