Scams are getting more and more sophisticated, particularly when it comes to targeting you online and through mobile devices.

“Don’t share this code with anyone, it’s a defence against fraud”. 

This is the message we send to all members who use our one time password system to protect their account.

Almost all fraud can be avoided by not giving out pass codes. Don’t let the fraudsters win, simply don’t give out passwords or pass codes.

What is a scam?

Scams can come in many forms but all are designed to steal your money. They do this by getting you to reveal your personal details or stealing your information.

This information is usually your PIN and/or passwords.

In recent months scams reported by members have been from callers pretending to be from Telstra, NBN and Internet providers, computer companies, investment companies and the Australian Taxation Office.

Romance scams continue to be experienced by our members using dating web sites.

How to protect yourself against scams?

There are some important steps you can take to reduce the risk of being ripped off by scammers. By reviewing the following points we hope you will become “ScamSmart” and are better prepared to protect yourself:

  • Never give out personal information
  • Never authorise third party access to your desktop computer, mobile phone or any electronic devices
  • Keep operating system and virus protection software up-to-date. Don’t ignore updates as these can often include patches to protect against new kinds of scams, viruses and ransomware. This applies to mobile devices as well
  • Make sure all accounts have a strong password. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts and change them regularly
  • Don’t make any advanced payments until you are sure the company you’re dealing with is legitimate.
  • Do your research before investing. Check ASIC's MoneySmart website for a list of “do not deal with” companies that are not licensed in Australia
  • Never provide your internet banking passwords to anyone, ever
  • Never divulge an SMS one time verification code to anyone, ever
  • Never make an internet banking transfer to anyone where you are not 100% certain that they are legitimate

Further information regarding how to protect against current scams can be obtained from the government website

If you have any questions please get in touch on 13 61 91.

20 January 2022