Our Young Saver Account has just been awarded ‘Best Children's Savings Account’ in Money Magazine’s Best of the Best Awards 2023. 

Money Magazine is an Australian publication providing financial news, advice, reviews and awards. It’s Best of the Best Awards compare hundreds of product providers to independently rate and award the best in the market.

Money Magazine has awarded Australian Mutual Bank’s Young Saver Account Best Children’s Saving Account in the Best of the Best Awards for 2023.

The criteria used by Money Magazine in its assessment for the awards analyses interest rates and considers any impact of fees. It compares the market using information sourced by InfoChoice, a leading financial product comparison website to help determine the best value products available for consumers.

Our Young Saver Account was identified as being one of the best kids saving accounts in the market due to its competitive interest rate and no monthly fees. The Young Savers Account is available to children under 18 years of age and offers a great tiered interest rate.

This latest award win for Australian Mutual Bank solidifies our commitment to offering great value products for our members, whilst also highlighting the importance of nurturing financial literacy for kids to help establish good habits for saving and spending money.

For more information about our award-winning Young Savers Account visit our Young Savers Account page.

05 December 2022