Australian Mutual Bank was thrilled to be a part of Coogee Surf Club Day, held this past weekend at Coogee Oval.

As the longest-standing supporter and sponsor of Coogee Surf Club, we were honored to be a part of the official unveiling ceremony of the Jeffrey Leonard Sayle surf boat. This vessel stands as a symbol of our long-lasting partnership, which has flourished for a span of some 40 years.

The event was a true celebration of our local community, with members from Coogee Surf Club and rugby enthusiasts coming together. Coogee Oval was brimming with energy as we witnessed the christening of the surf boat, named after the legendary Jeffrey Leonard Sayle. Jeffrey's remarkable contributions to Randwick Rugby, Coogee Surf Club, and the local community have left an everlasting impression.

Coogee Surf Club Day was a resounding success, showcasing the partnership between Australian Mutual Bank and Coogee Surf Club and we look forward to continuing our support for many years to come.

20 June 2023