Australian Mutual Bank has been made aware of an investment scam circulating around involving an entity named ‘Stratford Solutions’. This scam involves scammers contacting people under the premise of a new investment opportunity involving large transfers in order to secure investments of Australian Government Treasury Bonds.

The scammers accompany their communications with validating documents and figures from the Australian Stock Exchange (‘ASX’), and convince the individual to make very large, time-sensitive transactions in order to secure their investments. These are then quickly moved through several accounts internationally and are generally unable to be recalled. The recipient name ‘Stratford Solutions’ has occurred multiple times in instances of this scam.

The scammers have also directed individuals to transfer money through to a money transfer company called ‘Monoova’ in order to move their funds away quickly to prevent any successful attempts at recalling these funds. There is no suggestion that Monoova is involved or in any way complicit or a contributing party to the scam.

We would like to remind our members to be vigilant if contacted by an unknown party with investment opportunities. If you may be thinking of investing, always check independently the organisation you may be considering investing with.

Our friendly Member Service Team is here to help. If you think something is suspicious or believe you may have been scammed, please get in touch as soon as possible on 13 61 91.

24 March 2022