New! Use PayTo for an easier way to secure payments directly from your bank account.

With PayTo, you can use your bank account as a payment method for online purchases and subscriptions

PayTo gives you more control over payments from your bank account within the security of Internet Banking. Whether it's for your electricity bill, flight, TV subscription, or funding your digital wallet, choose PayTo and take the hassle out of payments. With the ability to view and manage PayTo agreements in one place, PayTo makes life admin that little bit easier.

Here are the main benefits of PayTo:

  • Visibility: See payments you’ve set up from your bank account in your Internet Banking, so you’ll know when payments are due, and the amount that will be debited
  • Convenience: Set up a PayTo agreement easily with your PayID (or BSB and account number), then approve the agreement in your Internet Banking
  • Control: PayTo gives you control over your payment agreements, and you can view and manage them in your Internet Banking

Frequently asked questions

PayTo is a modern, digital alternative to the current direct debit system. It’s faster, more flexible and gives you greater visibility and control over authorised payments coming out of your bank account.

A business or merchant will set up a ‘PayTo agreement’ with you. This is where you authorise how much, and when, you will pay for goods or services. It could be for a one-off, ad-hoc, or recurring payment. The PayTo agreement will appear in your Internet Banking for your authorisation. Once you have authorised the agreement, the business can debit your account according to the terms that you have agreed.

PayTo is an easy, secure payment option giving you more control over payments from your bank account. You can see your PayTo agreements in your Internet Banking, so you’ll know when payments will be debited from your account. You can pause, cancel and make certain changes to agreements there too. PayTo also allows you to use your bank account directly for payments that previously needed a card. So now you just need your PayID, or BSB and account number – no need to remember card details and expiry dates!

As PayTo is brand new, it will take some time to become available for all businesses and merchants to incorporate it as a payment option. You can expect to see it more as the rollout progresses.

You can find your PayTo agreements in you Internet Banking, under Accounts / PayTo Agreements.

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PayTo Terms and Conditions are available here.