Membership Application Form


Why join us?

At Australian Mutual Bank, we are committed to being The Ethical Alternative, using banking as a force for good. We hold ourselves to the highest standards with our B Corporation certification and in line with our ethical approach, we do not invest our members’ funds in industries that may cause harm to the environment or to wildlife, contribute to climate change or hamper efforts to reduce carbon emissions. This extends beyond environmental issues, to areas such as gambling, weapons, and animal testing.

Who can become a member?

Australian citizens or permanent residents

What rights do members have?

Individual applicants will become members of Australian Mutual Bank and have the ability to receive all notices, financial information and statements, cast a vote at member meetings and the right to open an individual access account.

Joint account holders will be linked to the primary applicant's right unless they choose to have their own individual access account. By selecting yes to an individual account, the subsequent members will also become a member of Australian Mutual Bank and will have the rights to receive all notices, financial information and statements and cast a vote at member meetings.

Existing members will remain unchanged in relation to shareholding and communication preference unless advised. If unsure whether you hold a shareholding right, please contact us on 13 61 91 and select option 4.

Getting Started

Each applicant is responsible for independently completing and verifying the sections relating to their personal information. Joint applicants also acknowledge that this information may be visible to other applicants who are party to this application prior to acceptance.

All we need is a few details and identification to open your account. Identification may include but not limited to:

Your Australian driver's licence details
Your passport details



Before you proceed with this application you should read our Privacy Notification. This outlines how we deal with your personal information.

You agree to become a member of Australian Mutual Bank. We will enter your name in our register of members. Please review our Disclosure documents for more information.