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Protect your home and the things inside with the level of cover that suits you.

Through CGU we offer three tiers of protection for Buildings, Contents or combined cover so that you can choose the right cover for your needs.

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Financial Advice

Everyone has different financial needs depending on their life stage and individual circumstances and there is a lot to consider when trying to secure your financial future.

Whether you’re saving for a house deposit, planning for retirement, already have an investment portfolio or are thinking about investing your money, our financial planning partner Bridges may suggest a plan to meet your goals.

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You agree to become a member of Australian Mutual Bank Ltd and be entered into our register of members if this loan is funded. Membership confers rights and obligations under the bank’s constitution.

Declaration by Applicants

I/We declare that the information given above is true, correct and complete and that I / we have never committed any act of Bankruptcy or had any judgements or legal proceedings against me / us.

I/We authorise Australian Mutual Bank Ltd to make any relevant enquiries into the references mentioned, my employer or any other credit provider.

I/We acknowledge that a credit reporting agency report will be obtained.

I/We agree that this information will remain the property of Australian Mutual Bank Ltd.

By submitting this application, you acknowledge having read and understood the Privacy Notification to obtain and disclose information. You authorise the persons and organisations named to give and obtain the information in the ways specified in the Privacy Notification attached until the credit is repaid in full.

I consent to Australian Mutual Bank Ltd giving me documents such as loan offers (in the form of a contract for us to accept) and notices electronically. I understand that you will stop posting me paper notices and I need to check my emails regularly. I can revert to receiving paper notices at any time.

For loan documents, I understand that Australian Mutual Bank Ltd must sign any loan offer they make to me. I consent to that requirement being met by Australian Mutual Bank Ltd attaching the offer document to an email addressed to me.

WARNING: Under the National Credit Code you may be liable to a criminal penalty if you make any false or misleading representation that is material to the Financial Institution's decision to approve this application.

Before proceeding with this application you should read Australian Mutual Bank's Disclosure Documents which set out the terms and conditions, disclosures and limitations of the services we offer.