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Australian Mutual Bank Ltd

The registered company name Australian Mutual Bank Ltd was created as the result of the 2019 merger between Endeavour Mutual Bank and Sydney Credit Union.
Market research revealed high loyalty to each of the Sydney and Endeavour names, and Australian Mutual Bank Ltd was chosen as the umbrella company name from which to operate the two divisions Sydney Mutual Bank and Endeavour Mutual Bank.

About Sydney Mutual Bank

In 1963 Sydney Credit Union’s founding directors had a vision to provide financial services for the well-being of the employees of the City of Sydney Council. The credit union was to act as an alternative to banks, building societies and pay day lenders.
This alternative was very important because in 1963 borrowing funds for loans was extremely difficult and restrictive and there was a need for an alternative to traditional financial providers.
Over the years, the organisation grew by offering services to 12 other councils, industries seeking financial protection for their employees and mergers with credit unions with a similar philosophy. As word spread, branches were opened in the community.
After a beginning that was restricted to personal lending and basic call savings, the organisation has developed into a bank where members confidently conduct all their banking business with a full range of financial products and delivery channels whilst still maintaining the philosophical difference of "people before profit".
The organisation continued to grow with the merge of Allied Members Credit Union and its two brands, Comtax Credit Union and Security Credit Union took place. These brands brought with them over 100 years of combined operation within the credit union industry and the knowledge and experiences gained within that time. Since the inception of Comtax Credit Union and Security Credit Union, both financial institutions have serviced local government departments. Comtax Credit Union, was established in 1948 to provide financial services to the staff and their families working in the Australian Taxation Office. Security Credit Union was established in 1964 to provide these same services to the staff and their families working in the Department of Human Services (previously known as Social Security).
To extend service capability and grow  membership, in previous years, the following were other Credit Union's that were proudly welcomed: Parkes District Credit Union, Pinnacle Credit Union, Prospect Credit Union, Blue Mountains Credit Union, Sutherland Shire Council Employees Credit Union and Karpaty Ukrainian Credit Union.

About Endeavour Mutual Bank

Endeavour Mutual Bank was created by the 2016 merger of Select Credit Union and Encompass Credit Union. Conversion from credit union to bank status was approved by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority on 1 February 2018.
Encompass Credit Union’s origins can be traced back to 1953 when the Motor Transport Savings & Loans cooperative was formed. Encompass Credit Union developed through subsequent mergers of credit unions servicing various sectors of the NSW transport industry. Select Credit Union was established in 1963 to provide financial services to the employees of Sydney County Council, and had accepted transfers of business from CSR & Rinker Employees Credit Union Ltd, MemberFirst Credit Union Ltd, and Tartan Credit Union Ltd between 2009 and 2013.
Endeavour Mutual Bank has since created the Australian Mutuals Foundation (AMF), a registered charity that is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient by the Australian Taxation Office. The AMF is a top ten corporate supporter of Barnardos which supports disadvantaged Australian children and those who are at risk of abuse or neglect. The AMF also assists remote communities in impoverished South East Asian countries to alleviate poverty by the creation of sustainable financial cooperatives through a partnership with the Asian Confederation of Credit Unions.